About Us

The Community Refugee Network (CRN) is a nonprofit founded by Nikhil Guddati, Trisha Motupalli, and Colton Moraine which is dedicated to spreading awareness and sharing the stories of refugees. This organization is a product of high school debaters who have done extensive research over many controversial issues. Upon learning that there are many refugee crisis’ bringing harms to other humans, we knew it was time to raise awareness on this issue. We believe that education is the silver bullet to creating understanding on the issues that many people have opinions over, even while many do not understand the dilemma of refugees. As a result, we decided to form an organization primarily focused on exposing the public to the unique experiences that refugees undergo. From this, we hope to show people that the decisions refugees make are the decisions most people would also make in a similar situation; as a result, refugees do not deserve the unwarranted hate that they receive in their new homes while they simply try to survive.



Founders – Nikhil Guddati, Trisha Motupalli, Colton Moraine